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Automating Business Processes Can Be Hard. We Make It Simple.

With hundreds of Digital Workers deployed in dozens of industries, rest assured that FVTech will design the perfect automation regardless of the digital process requirements. Let's do this, together. 

Process Mining

Process mining is a techniques that combines data science and process management to help analyze operational processes based on event logs. The goal of process mining is to turn event data into insights and actions. At FVTech we use process mining to identify opportunities for automations extracted from patterns so we can design digital workers that automate your processes. 

Digital Workers

Automation is the core of what we offer. Our processes are refined to guide our clients in designing the perfect digital workers to automate your error prone, tedious, and mundane digital processes so that your company has minimal administrative burden. We help companies compete at the speed of digital, improving NBBT and enabling a focus on driving the business forward. 


Project Management 

Whether you are already using process automation, BPM, or other platforms to automate processes, FVTech provides top tier project management services based on hundreds of automation projects deployed and decades of experience in the automation space. Let's partner together on your current stack to ensure you get the best value from your automation tools. 


To keep software operating at the highest levels, proper monitoring and maintenance is required. Business processes change, so you need a partner that will ensure that your process automation can adapt to changing requirements. FVTech is the partner of choice in maintaining your current automation investments with turnkey maintenance packages and monitoring services. 

Automation Dashboard.png
Digital workers designed to execute your administrative processes are built in our design studio. 
RPA Control Center

Enabling Industry to Achieve Automation Zen. 

FVTech has experience automating hundreds of digital process projects, so we know who & what to look for when it comes to automation projects. Let's leverage our networks together to ensure your automation projects are successful. 

RPA Automations at-a-glance

Hourly Development Services

FVTech has developed a unique approach to project management for automation projects. We understand the difference between build & maintain so we have hourly solutions available no matter what your automation needs are. 

FVTech hourly development services allow our customers to ramp up and spin down their automation development team while paying for top shelf development resources on demand. 


FVTech provides offshore resources to help our clients bring their automation projects in on time, and under budget. Offshore teams provide significant flexibility for overnight automation support, lower cost resources, and filling in the gaps on your current automation team. 

All offshore resources are provided directly through FVTech and project managed by our US assets to ensure total quality assurance. 

Direct Hire Placement

Finding the right full time employees to build, manage, and deploy your process automation projects can become a daunting task. Familiarity with specific automation tools, underlying technologies and process management expertise creates a unique complexity when sourcing the right talent. 

FVTech has a deep network of experienced recruiters so we have the access and scalability to fill the exact right requirements for your automation projects at a competitive rate. 

Project Management

FVTech has deployed hundreds of automation projects from designing, building, and a maintaining digital workforce. Our clients rely on us to manage their automation projects as a neutral 3rd party to ensure that the value delivered aligns with the objectives defined at the outset. 

Let FVTech keep your automation projects moving forward with our deep bench of technical automation experts and project managers. 

Process Automation Simplified

FVTech simplifies the automation design of digital workers to speed time to market. Our expert team provides a guided experience to successfully leverage automation to scale your company operations. 

RPA process design simplified
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