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RPA for Noobs

Everything that you need to know to get started on your automation journey. In this eBook, we explain the basics of robotic process automation, compare RPA to other technologies like ML or AI, breakdown the basic features of RPA, and help you understand the challenges & benefits of deploying RPA for your organization or business unit. 

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At FVTech, we wrote the book on automation. No seriously, we wrote a free eBook to help you understand the basics of RPA and how it can help your business, department, or team. Download RPA for Noobs and get started on your journey into automation. 

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Why RPA?


Robotic process automation is revolutionizing the scalability, cost of doing business, and competitive advantage of organizations in every industry. 

How Does RPA WORK?


RPA is software that is programmed to complete repetitive digital tasks like data entry, reporting, and more complex capabilities like responding to emails.

Ready to start your automation journey? 

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