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What will you automate?

Forward Vision Technology is an automation company that designs, develops, and deploys digital workers to automate tedious, mundane, error-prone human tasks. 

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We help you identify opportunities for process automation so your company can run lean.

Then, we build your digital worker to automate those repetitive tasks and free up resources. 

What is a digital worker?

Inter-Departmental Magic

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. It refers to software that can automate repetitive, routine tasks that are normally performed by humans. Think of RPA as a programmable digital assistant to tackle data entry, reading & disseminating documents, automating data lookups, unifying disparate data sources, transcribing images and supercharging legacy systems.

RPA Consolidates Actions Across Departments

Automate Everything


Digital workers can run at predetermined intervals, or can be triggered on demand. We design your digital workers to run based on rules, logic, and triggers. Digital workers are smart as well, leveraging the latest advances in machine learning (ML) and AI.  

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Integrate Anything

Digital workers are trained to interact with desktop applications, legacy mainframe applications, web portals, and custom developed software to complete end-to-end digital business processes. Automate shipping and tracking information, update HR systems, track inventory discrepencies and thousands of other processes, automatically.


Process Automation Simplified

FVTech simplifies the automation design of digital workers to speed time to market. Our expert team provides a guided experience to successfully leverage automation to scale your company operations. 

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Get the Free eBook | RPA for Noobs

At FVTech, we wrote the book on automation. No seriously, we wrote a free eBook to help you understand the basics of RPA and how it can help your business, department, or team. Download RPA for Noobs and get started on your journey into automation. 

eBook: RPA for Noobs

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How can digital workers help?

Create Competitive Advantage

Save Time & Money 

Reduce Administrative Overhead

Eliminate Process Errors

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